beautify my surroundings..

I need to make my daily space beautiful.  My surroundings at work are just ugly.  Nothing inspiring about my desk, my office.. nothing.  I can’t change the office any time soon but I can change my desk and that is where I’m going to start!

They say the simple things in life are the most precious, well this should be simple enough.  Let’s see.. I definitely need a plant, a picture of my family, and some organization.

Organization and inspiration are my new best friend. This is one of my short-term goals, beautify my surroundings. Simple enough.


Not bad, not bad..

Well I have really tried to make a consciences decision to try and be healthier.  It’s only been a couple of days but I am proud of myself for even making it along this far.  I have a lifetime to go but these are the first steps in the right direction.  I am very happy.

A little about my diet.  I have been making oatmeal and banana for my drive to work.  I have fruit and yogurt during my first break.  For lunch veggies, small amount of steamed rice, and 1/2 seasoned baked chicken breast. Plenty of water, for my last break my other half of veggies, rice and chicken, snack on fruit or nuts.  Last night for dinner I had a small bowl of spaghetti, no bread and a juice.

I am definitely staying away from fast food, bunch of carbs, soda, sweets, and over eating.  Sounds simple enough!! I will eat sandwiches, tuna, hard boiled eggs, and again a small reasonable portion at dinner. This is just the beginning, I hope to incorporate a lot of new items, I will have to explore the store or the farmer’s markets to see what else I like.

I have started stretching in the morning and swimming after work.  I need to incorporate walking, dancing and yoga too.

I pray for the strength to do this, I know I can. Wish me luck. xo

Off to a terrible start… not surprised, unfortunately.

Well easier said than done was an understatement.  I completely flew off the track!  Did not follow one of my own recommendations… not one.  Oh, maybe I had 1 or 2 beers less than usual. WOW.

This is a whole lot harder than I seem to think it is.  No support from my family does not help.  Ultimately it’s up to me, no one else.  I don’t care if there is a bowl of vanilla ice cream and Hershey’s chocolate syrup …. It’s up to me not to put the damn thing in my mouth.  Geez, what’s so hard about that? Just don’t do it. LOL, opposite of Nike’s – Just do it, when in actuality I should be saying Just do it, eat healthy and exercise.  The power of positive thinking can go a long way.

Well, here is to a new day.  I’m not going to beat myself up over a week of failure, heck, I’ve been failing at this healthy lifestyle for years now.. I just really need to get it together and focus on me.

I’m going to start by buying my weekly menu and preparing my meals on Sunday for the week and buy some healthy snacks to fall back on.  If I can at least start by eating healthy during the week while I’m working that should help tremendously. So let’s see how I do.  Shopping, menu building, prep/cook, I got this.

Realization is sinking in… I have to change my lifestyle

Easier said than done. My diet is creating all of my health issues, I can just feel it. Lack of exercise and poor eating habits have caused my ailments, no denying it.

I guess this will be such a tremendous learning experience, I truly do not know where to begin. I know enough to know that each damn thing you put to your mouth, evaluate it, is it healthful, is it right for you? And if it isn’t you must have a substitute, a back up plan, you can’t go without eating.

I know enough to know that to be able to execute my goals I need to plan in advance and prepare. I know I must eat throughout the day so I do not become hungry, and drink plenty of water.

I know I must incorporate exercise, walking, swimming, dance, yoga… anything, just move your ass. Not being sedentary and being engaged is a must.

My decision today to pay attention to all of the above began. This is my journey. All of my goals, success and no doubt mistakes. All right here, for me to go over again and again and again.. well, at least to look back and measure my success.

That meant no hamburger bun with my burger and no ice cream for dessert. Now to plan breakfast… I’m off to a half-ass start.

I pray for strength.